List of Winners

2019 Results

Best on Show Sponsored by AMMS

Brad Fallen      Fe.2b

Best Junior Model  Sponsored by APMA

Buz Cheung      Bandai Robot

Best Military Vehicle    Sponsored by AMMS

Min Hwang        Merkava Mk.1

Best Large Aircraft   Sponsored by IPMS NSW

Richard Fawcett     P-40N

Best Australian Subject   Sponsored by APMA

Richard Fawcett      Sea Fury

Best of British  Sponsored by Jabberwock

Brad Fallen    Fe.2b

Glen Porter Memorial Best 1/72 Aircraft   Sponsored by Creative Models Australia

Min Hwang     Mig-21bis  Fishbed L

Best WW1 Subject   Sponsored by Stephen Leslie

Greg Neal      German WW1 Uhlaj

Best Female Figure or Female art   Sponsored by QT Bunni

David Hay     Little Red

Most Unusual Model    Sponsored by Big Bunny

Mark Stothard  Still Life with Bin Chickens

Peoples Choice

Mark Stothard  Still Life with Bin Chickens


Military Props Small Scale

1st    FW190 VK8    Neil Lowe

2nd Ki-67 Peggy   Stuart Coleman

3rd  P-47N    Jiri Kure

Military Props Medium Scale

1st P-51D Mustang     Stuart Coleman

2nd M6A Seiran   Stuart Coleman

3rd  FW-190 A8    Mathew Russell

Military Props Large Scale

1st Fe.2  Brad Fallen

2nd Roland C.11   Brad Fallen

3rd Sea Fury   Richard Fawcett

Military Vehicles Small Scale

1st  BM-13    Herman Zhang

2nd T-28 Soviet Tank  Herman Zhang

3rd Panzer II Ausf F   Neil Lowe

Military Vehicles Medium Scale

1st   Tiger I Early    Peter Furrugia

2nd Pzkpfw Mk IIIN       Paul Lee

3rd  Marder IIIM     Mathew Russell

Military Vehicles Large Scale

1st    Merkava Mk 1     Min Hwang

2nd  Bergerpanzer 38t     Peter Farrugia

3rd   Jagdpanther     Peter Farrugia

Military Jets Small Scale

1st   F8E Crusader   Min Hwang

2nd  Mig-21bis Fishbed L   Min Hwang

3rd Tornado   Min Hwang

Military Jets Medium Scale

1st   Su-22M4K     Greg Buckley

2nd   F-14D   Richard Fawcett

3rd F-16CJ   Richard Fawcett

Military Jets Large Scale

1st   F4J Phantom II VF96    Ben Hinton

2nd   Mitsubishi J8M    Jeremy Cheung

3rd  F4J Phantom Warlords    Chris Swarbrick

Civil Aircraft

1st    Boeing 737 Freedom Air     Bill Spargo

2nd Boeing 737-330     James Argaet

3rd  J-Air Embraer E-190    Peter Shum


1st   Seehund     Ashley Hoath

2nd  USS Monitor   Peter Webster

3rd  HMS Dreadnought    Simon Wolff


1st    ANZAC        Greg Neal

2nd   Moonraker      Jeremy Cheung


1st  Barn Find   Mark Strothard

2nd   Still Life   Mark Strothard

3rd  Apollo 11   Michael Jack


1st Into the Wilderness    David Hay

2nd  SS Machine Gun Team   David Hay

3rd  Pantherturn bunker   Rod Martin

Historical Figures

1st    Lord Byron      David Hay

2nd  Himini Russian Warrior   Ashley Hoath

3rd  Mountain Man    Andrew Judson

Rockets & Space

1st   Atlas      Michael Jack

2nd  Redstone   Michael Jack

Fictional vehicles / craft

1st  Thunderbird 1       Rod Martin

2nd    MS.06F    Mingjie Yang

3rd    Cylon Raider      Ashley Hoath

Fictional Figures

1st  Orc Impaler    Ashley Hoath

2nd   Little Red    David Hay

3rd   Angry Woman Warrior


1st  Kenworth W925 Alaskan Hauler    Stephen Bugeja

2nd   Ford     Christos Koutsogiannis

3rd  Mack R700      Stephen Bugeja

Cars – Competition

1st   ’57 Chevy    Jaysen Ballantine

2nd  Renault RE30B F1    Chris Cole

3rd  Fiat  Mesfistofele     Chris Swarbrick

Cars – Hot Rods

1st  1926 Ford T Delivery      Allan Johnson

2nd    1929 Ford Pick up      Stephen Bugeja

3rd  Tee Ford     Christos  Koutsogiannis

Cars – Stock

1st    Shelby Cobra 427    Ken Tsunashima

2nd  1940 Ford    Wayne Collette

3rd  Mitsubishi Gallant GTO 2000GSR   Ken Tsunashima

Cars- Custom

1st   1949 Cadillac      Jaysen Ballantine

2nd  49 Ford Woody wagon   Wayne Collette

3rd  48 Ford Custom    Andy Huber


Junior Aircraft

1st  RAAF P-40   Toby Cheung

Junior Military Vehicle

1st   Panther Patrol    Ryan Jones

Junior Open

1st    Bandai Robot     Buz Cheung

2nd  Lego Spaceship 1    Callen Lowe

3rd  Lego Spaceship 2     Callen Lowe